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Information Request Form


As a holder of Campbell Soup Company common stock, you can elect to receive Proxy Materials, Annual Reports and other shareholder communications electronically via e-mail.

Receiving this information electronically is faster than regular mail and saves money for the company. In addition, electronic delivery benefits the environment by consuming fewer natural resources and creating less paper waste. Electronic delivery of the proxy is efficient and convenient.

To receive electronic delivery, follow the instructions below based on how you hold your shares.

  • If you are a Registered Shareholder (i.e. your shares are registered in your own name with our transfer agent, Computershare), click here to log in to your account on the Computershare Investor Center website and update your communication preferences under your Account Details to request e-mail delivery of Shareholder Meeting Materials.
  • If you are a Beneficial Shareholder (i.e. your shares are held through an intermediary such as a bank or broker) click here to go to the Broadridge Electronic Delivery site and follow the instructions on that site for requesting electronic delivery.

Please view these documents in the latest reports section of our Overview page, as well as our 10K in our Financials - SEC Filings section.

To request information via mail, please fill out and submit the form below.

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